Finding Dory – a fishy sequel

Recently I had the tremendous honor of narrating the junior novel version of the new Pixar/Disney movie Finding Dory!  Last year I narrated Finding Nemo, and now the forgetful blue fish is back, this time starring in her own adventure.

Finding DoryThis time around it was fascinating to be able to know the full plot line before the movie even arrived in theatres 🙂  It was hard enough finding one little clown fish in the depths of the deep blue sea, can you imagine trying to find a fish that doesn’t even remember that she’s lost?

A unique challenge to working with Disney and Blackstone Audio on these titles is that the narrator is not supposed to try to recreate the voices of the animated characters.  That is, they didn’t want an exact sound-alike.  Can you imagine how hard it is to voice Crush, the Australian surfer-dude sea turtle, without channeling that exact voice?

If you have young children and have a road trip coming up, check out Finding Dory on Audible!

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