A Romance with Heart and Punch

A new audio book I had the privilege of narrating for Harper Collins and Harlequin is out today, Deception Island by Brynn Kelly.  This was such a powerful book to narrate that I wanted to highlight it here and share some resources and links that may be interesting for the listener/reader.

Deception Island, by Brynn KellyWhile I’ve narrated romance books before, this one stands out for it’s powerful story-telling and message.  Without giving too much away, Kelly writes a powerful message of redemption and change – our experiences don’t have to define us, our past and our sins don’t lock us into only one way of being.  Kelly writes at USA Today about some of the deeper back-drop issues in the book, including sex trafficking.

For me, the pleasure in narrating romance titles comes from the stakes.  In narrating/acting we always talk about stakes, meaning “what is at stake?”  Where is the life and death choice?  In romance these stakes are particularly juicy for the actor, every look, every glance, carries with it a mountain of unsaid words and feelings.  If he/she doesn’t touch me right now, I WILL die!  It’s like delicious food for the actor’s brain to dig in and have a feast.

Check out the audio book from Audible, or buy the print version from Amazon!

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Sex trafficking resources:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

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